The following are current policies and procedures set forth by TOPTOM INTL. TOPTOM INTL reserves the right to alter, or modify any of it's policies without prior notice. Please take the time to read over all policies listed in this packet, and sign in the space provided. If you have any questions, please contact us by Phone or E-mail.

New Dealer Policy
It is in the best interest of TOPTOM as well as our existing dealerships to continue to limit the number of authorized dealers to only legitimate establishments in the business of selling Power sports vehicles and accessories. Therefore all new dealers are subject to a 3 month probationary period before they will be eligible to become an Authorized TOPTOM dealership. Upon completion of this probationary period, your account will be reviewed, and when approved you will begin to enjoy the benefits of being an authorized dealer with TOPTOM INTL. See your sales representative for details. TOPTOM INTL reserves the right to cancel any account found in violation of the company policies set forth in this dealer agreement.

All orders must be prepaid. All checks and transactions must be cleared with our bank prior to any product leaving our warehouse.
TOPTOM accepts the following forms of payment:
1. Wire Transfer
2. LC at sight
3. Western Union
4. Cash

Prior to purchasing buyer should research any applicable state, county or local laws and regulations regarding the purchasing and selling of any motorized vehicles in your area. TOPTOM INTL is in no way required to provide this information to any prospective dealer.
No refunds of exchanges are allowed(In some cases, TOPTOM may refund the Dealers purchase price only, dealers profit and any other expenses incurred are not the responsibility of TOPTOM INTL).
TOPTOM INTL imposes a purchase minimum units a month.

After Sale Service
Dealership must have the capability to provide Complete customer service. Assembly, Sales, After Sale Service, Repairs and Parts service. All initial assemblies, as well as repairs and vehicle diagnosis must be completed by a professionally trained technician.
Dealership must follow all warranty policies and procedures set for by the TOPTOM INTL Factory Limited Warranty. This warranty fully explains the procedures necessary to acquire warranty parts, purchase parts, warranty limitations and restrictions for all bikes as well as duration and exclusions. This warranty is included in this Dealer Packet. This must be readily available to all consumers

Dealer must follow TOPTOM warranty Policy, not dealer’s own policy.

The engine should be returned to TOPTOM, if it’s malfunction in warranty period.

Dealer has the responsibility to provide repair services to all TOPTOM INTL customers, whether the unit requiring repair was purchased you’re your dealership or not.
It is the responsibility of the dealer to handle all parts orders and warranty claims for end consumers. At no time should a dealer refer an end user to the distributor (TOPTOM) for any type of service.

Dealer Preparation and delivery of new vehicles
All dealers are required to perform a PDI as described in the Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form for every new unit received. It is extremely important to complete a proper initial setup for each vehicle. Preparation must be completed by a professionally trained technician. This will insure a long problem free life for the vehicle.

Shipping and Return Policy
As you know, TOPTOM INTL is not a shipping company. Therefore we can not make any guarantee as to .

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