Mobile food trailer carts
Model NO.:TT-FT001

Size: 2250mm (Length) X 1750mm (Width) X 2150mm (Height)
Weight: 420kg   material: 304 stainless steel
Cart body: the material of both sides is fiber glass which has the following characteristics: high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, insulating, fire resistant.
Both inside and outside of the food cart uses car paint.
The backboard of the food cart uses double-layer color steel plate with thermal insulating layer; the material of the front cover is anti-impact board; the bottom has inflatable wheels and is equipped with high-speed bearings, 4 jacks, tow bar and car wheels.

Standard equipments:
1. Two-tub deep fryers(gas/electricity)
2. Flat griddle(gas/electricity)
3. Crystal oven(gas/electricity)
4. Keep-warm display cabinet(gas/electricity)
5. Fridge(110V/220V)
6. Wash basin
7. Storage areas and storage shelves
8. Extended display table
9. Fluorescent lamp
10. LED lights on the front window
11. Tow bar
12. 145 automobile-specific tires
13. Automobile tail lights
14. Waterproof external power socket
A 20’ GP container can load 3 pcs (The FCL does not need to be packaged)
A 40’ GP container can load 6 pcs (The FCL does not need to be packaged)